Established in Southern California in 2016, XOmandysue is an online clothing boutique for young women who love beachy feels and effortless style. We are Robby and Lindsay, husband and wife and owners of XOmandysue. Inspired by today's top trends in beach towns and beyond, our store is designed for the every day girl and operated directly from Newport Beach, CA. Thank you for stopping by- we are so grateful for our customers!



First off, let me say I am so glad you are reading this. Out of all the corners of the internet, you found yourself here. I don't and never will take that lightly!

If you've followed our store for a while, you know that my husband, Robby, and I run XOmandysue together. It is one of the best parts of our marriage! In the summer of 2019, Robby and I welcomed our baby girl, Summer Adrianna. I have always wanted to have a daughter, and it still feels surreal that she is here and all ours! As a new girl-mom in today's culture, I've been reflecting on my own life as a woman and dreaming of what I hope for my daughter's life. I realized that what I hope for Summer as she grows up is truly what I hope for each of our customers as well. Thus, I decided to write a statement of what the XOmandysue woman is. It is a mantra inspired by my daughter and shared with love for all of you.
The XOmandysue woman is:
- Brave through life's waves while compassionate to those around her
- Confident in who she was created to be while knowing the value of humility
- Fun-loving and optimistic while determined to take hold of all life has to offer
As I walk in my calling as a female business owner and girl-mom, I hope to embody these characteristics for myself and to set the best example for my daughter. We hope you feel confident and empowered in our clothing to do the same! 
With love,
Co-founder of XOmandysue